How can we offer an evaluation for free?

Yes, it is completely free.  We believe in good karma.  It is simply good business to give away our time and knowledge to help others.  It is who we are.  Besides the joy we receive in helping others, some people give back and become our clients at some point.

Can you really help me in 7 minutes?

Yes! We are experts at this! We can evaluate your website, offer you feedback, and share a proven framework in seven minutes. Although we do all this in seven minutes, our evaluation call will last thirty to forty-five minutes because you’ll have lots of question for us to answer.

What is a framework?

That’s a great question. Most websites are designed with aesthetics in mind. While traditional designs create pretty websites, we feel there is a larger purpose for your website. That purpose is to generate you leads in the form of phone calls or online meetings. We achieve this purpose by using a proven lead generation framework that creates not only structure for the website to lead viewers to your calls-to-action (what you want them to do), but also provide the follow up to nurture the lead as you build the trust needed to become a client.

Who are we?

The people behind the 7 Minute Marketing Makeover site are Texas-based owners of Thrive Designs. Thrive Designs is a digital marketing company with a focus on non-sports coaches and nonprofits. One of the owners has created websites since 2001 and serves on the board of one of the oldest life coach accreditation organizations in world. Our passion is working with life coaches and have helped hundreds of life coaches build their brands and websites.

Will I receive anything written or a video of the evaluation?

Yes!  Your evaluation session is recorded.  You’ll have an audio and video of your evaluation session.  You’ll receive an email with links to the video and audio files within 24 hours of your completed evaluation.